Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mamas and Babysitters?

Mamas and Babysitters was created by mom of 3, Jennifer Potter. She knows first hand why having quality childcare is so important. Our company is employee-based and hires babysitters through an extensive background check and interview process to take the stress away from families looking for childcare. 

All babysitters are CPR certified, insured and fully vetted w-2 employees that offer outstanding service!  We strive to match the best possible babysitter for your family and have trainings and meetings throughout the year to help better our services.

What areas do Mamas and Babysitters service?

Currently we service the South Coast of Massachusetts, including Dartmouth, Westport, New Bedford, Fall River, Wareham, Marion, Rochester, Middleboro, Lakeville, Mattapoisett, Freetown, Acushnet, Fairhaven, Somerset, Swansea and Seekonk.

COVID policies for babysitters / tutors

Please see COVID-19 policies.

COVID policies for clients
Please see COVID-19 policies.
How will I know who my babysitter / tutor is?

We will provide you with detailed information about your sitter and will reach out to setup a 15-minute Zoom or phone call prior to date of service.

Can I meet my babysitter / tutor in-person prior to the date of service?

Yes, if you want to meet the babysitter / tutor prior, there is a minimum fee of $25 to have them come to the house for 1 hour, prior to the date of service. Babysitters are paid employees and must be paid for their services.

What if I want to add additional services?

For single day services you may change your scheduled on-going services up to 24-hours prior to date of service. If you have on-going work, you can contact Mamas and Babysitters directly to change your services at any time. All services that are requested are the only services that they can do. If you need additional services, such as cleaning or cooking, please contact Mamas and Babysitters directly to change services needed. Please do not contact the babysitter or tutor to make changes. All changes must be done through our main office.

How soon can I get service?

We require at least 48-hours to find a babysitter / tutor that is right for you. If you need service sooner, please contact Mamas and Babysitters directly after filling out the reservation form so we have all your information. We will do our best to find you a babysitter in a timely manner. It is not guaranteed that a babysitter / tutor will be found with a 48-hour notice, but Mamas and Babysitters will make every effort to do so.

What is the minimum amount of time I can reserve a babysitter / tutor?

All babysitting services have a minimum 4-hours of service with a maximum of 12-hours per day, upon babysitter availability. If you choose to have a babysitter for less than 4-hours, you will still be charged for the 4-hour minimum. This does not include overnight services or special accommodations.

All tutoring services have a 2-hour minimum. If you choose to have a tutor for less than 2-hours, you will still be charged for the 2-hour minimum.

Tutoring Cancellation Policy

All tutoring services have a 2-hour minimum. This is not applicable to babysitting services. To cancel any services, you must contact Mamas and Babysitters directly. We ask that if you are cancelling that you do not reach out to your tutor. If you do not contact Mamas and Babysitters directly you will still be charged. This policy is strictly enforced.

Can I change my time of my reservation?

For time changes of reservation(s) you must contact Mamas and Babysitters directly. We ask that if you are changing your time that you do not reach out to your babysitter / tutor. If you do not contact Mamas and Babysitters directly you will still be charged for the original time allotted. We require a 24-hour notice for all time changes. In the event of an emergency, Mamas and Babysitters will review each appointment on an individual basis. This policy is strictly enforced.

Can I extend my reservation?

It is advised to contact the sitter first to see if they have the availability to stay longer. If so, the babysitter will contact Mamas and Babysitters to generate a new bill. All payments must be paid online. Babysitters are NOT allowed to collect payments. This is against Mamas and Babysitters policy. Babysitters are only allowed to take tip payments in cash.

Can I share or refer my babysitter / tutor with other friends?

All babysitters / tutors are paid w-2 employees and work directly for Mamas and Babysitters. We ask that if you have referrals to please direct them to Mamas and Babysitters directly. Employees working for a 3rd party while employed with Mamas and Babysitters will be breaking their contract. If your referral is looking for your babysitter / tutor specifically, please have them state their information in the reservation request form, the more details provided the more we can accommodate all clients.

What type of instructions should I be giving to my babysitter?

When filling out the request please provide as much detail as possible for our babysitters / tutors. The more information the better. This will be given to the babysitter / tutor prior to services. However, if you want to provide additional information please feel free to do so. For example: additional emergency contacts, allergies, food prep, bedtime, and etc.)

Confirming your appointment.

Once we receive your request for service you will receive an email to let you know we are processing your request. You will then receive an email with your estimate for your services. There will be directions for payments. All payments and confirmations must be received 24-hours prior to service, or services will be forfeited. This is a first come-first serve basis.

Do I have to provide food for my babysitter / tutor?

All babysitters / tutors will be responsible for their own food and beverages. If you want to provide food, that is completely up to your discretion.

Should I be tipping my babysitter/ tutor?

Tipping is not required but appreciated. Tipping is at the discretion of the client.


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